International sales

The FISCHER WORLD OF MACHINES is international.

FISCHER products are designed and produced to meet the requirements of international markets. FISCHER products are available in many European countries.

Our representative in Holland has been our sales and service partner since April 2014.

Our representative in Poland has been our sales and service partner since July 2014.

Our dealers in (German-speaking) Switzerland have been our sales and service partners since 2017.

-> (Toggenburg / Eastern Switzerland)

-> (Canton of Schaffhausen)

-> (Canton of Grisons + Switzerland)

-> (Switzerland)

-> (Switzerland)

-> (Eastern Switzerland / Grisons)

-> (Eastern Switzerland / Thurgau)

-> (Eastern Switzerland) 

-> (Zurich county)



Our dealers in Austria (Vorarlberg) have been our sales and service partners since 2018.




FISCHER machines are currently in use in:

Austria / Switzerland / Italy / Holland / Belgium / Luxembourg / Denmark / Poland / Czech Republic / Hungary / France

To assist you with your purchase and service for FISCHER machines in international markets, 

please let us know the country you require. We’ll be happy to provide you with information about our regional contact.

FISCHER continues to expand.

Sales partnerships can currently be awarded for the following countries: 

Spain / Turkey / Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Czech Republic / Hungary / Baltic States / France

If you are interested in international collaboration, please contact us directly.