More than 25 people work at FISCHER. Day after day.

Their many years of service with the company, keen sense of satisfaction, open communication and, last but not least, their very high level of competence and expertise in materials, development and production all contribute to the well-known FISCHER standard of quality.

Taken together, they are your guarantee of the reliability and durability of all FISCHER products.

FISCHER products are developed in detail and comprehensively tested, and their superlative precision achieves maximum customer satisfaction.

For us, that’s what really matters. The perfect FISCHER world of machines.



Quintessentially FISCHER: with decades of experience in design, production and sales, we produce optimal products in line with market requirements. 

Founded more than 50 years ago as a one-man business, the company quickly grows into a well-known German quality manufacturer of machinery for landscape management and farming.

On the basis of the knowledge gained and success achieved in the areas of mowing, reaping and mulching, new forward-looking product areas evolve over the next few years:

Cutting | Sawing | Pruning | Foliage Disposal | Municipal Services

Along with our core products for mowing, reaping and mulching, these areas form the basis for the extensive new FISCHER product range. 

Together they make up: 

The perfect FISCHER world of machines.

In all machine areas that FISCHER supplies today, we are a recognised, innovative manufacturer. 

We look forward to answering any questions you may have concerning sales and distribution.
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Competence (from Latin competent-, competens).

No other word can say more or better describe the position of FISCHER wherever we operate.

From ideas to innovative quality products.

  • Ergonomics for stress-free work combined with clear and sensible design.
  • Technical knowledge and proficiency are integrated into all FISCHER machines.
  • Perfect production processes.
  • Clear, fair distribution partnerships going back many years.
  • Seamless logistics.

These are among the reasons why FISCHER has for many years been one of Germany’s best-known manufacturers in the areas of landscape management, farming, municipal services, agricultural services, path and landscape management and foliage disposal.

Realising your own ideas - just one of the secrets of the success of FISCHER products.

The perfect FISCHER world of machines. The originals!

FISCHER machines today serve as the models for many products on the market.

Which is why we say, now more than ever:

The perfect FISCHER world of machines. Fascinating!